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Integrated Hat Meter

1. Communication interface and protocol (either M-BUS or RS485).
1.1 M-BUS communication interface: Basic  integrated protocol (supporting time sharing), EN1434 and CJ188 protocols (not supporting time sharing).Power supply method: M-BUS bus power supply+dual power supply with built-in lithium battery.
1.2 RS485 communication interface: MODBUS RTU/BACnet MS/TP (time sharing not supported).
Power supply method: DC24V external power supply+built-in lithium battery dual power supply (excluding power supply) 
2. Temperature range: (2-95) ℃, Temperature sensing line length: 1.5m (default)/3m (optional) .
3 .Protection level: IP65 Pressure level: PN16 Accuracy level: Level 2.
4. Integrator: square plastic (cold gauge with bracket).
5. Range ratio: 50:1 (default).
6. Pipe section: default brass, optional stainless steel.
7. Four independent time measurement periods, temperature difference threshold can be set, and temperature threshold can be set (applicable to the integration of basic ).
8. The length of the flow meter line and the temperature sensing line cannot be extended. If extension is required, select a split type.

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