IP68 Ultrasonic Smart Cold Water Meter

1. Communication interface and protocol: photoelectric reading head (standard configuration)R——RS485 interface: EN1434 or MODBUS protocol、M——M-BUS interface: EN1434 or CJ188 
2. Power supply mode: built-in lithium battery power supply
RS485 communication requires DC12V power supply (power supply not included)
3. Temperature grade: T50
4. Protection level: IP65 Pressure level: PN16
5. Range ratio: R100 (default), R160, R250 (optional price is negotiable)
Accuracy grade: Class II 6. Installation method: H/V (vertical or horizontal)
7. Installation environment: B (installed indoors)
8. Sensitivity level: U5, D3
9. Electromagnetic environment: E1 (residential, commercial and light industrial)
10. Pipe section: brass
Note: Communication interface and protocol, temperature grade are optional

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